hi! finally the question “‘Why Elizabeth did not post anything for two months?” is answered. I was working on the new website 

all new design and new context. Now I am also able to place ads where you can simply help me by buying something from those stores. Anyways I will not be posting posts on this link but on so go ahead and visit my new blog. 

I don`t know if you`ll be able to follow this new blog because it is a website but until I figure something out, bookmark this link and just enjoy old posts! 


Thank you and GOODBYE!


Hello, everybody!

School is starting and that only means that we have to get our strength together and start learning! But in the rush and anxiety we can forget that we need to get that “I’m trying to look good but not really” look.
And here it is!


Start with a primer or a concealer . I used an older one because I happen to have changed my skin color by summer and the thing is that I have gotten paler…

Blend it with a brush. If you need, you can use a foundation, I will not use it because I am blessed with a good skin! :)


The next thing I do is, I use an eyeliner. I line the corner below my eyes and a bit the upper area. You can see the difference: the right side eye has an eyeliner and the other side does not. These are the little changes that make you look fresher and focused.

I used essence kajal pencil.


Then you apply a light shade of brown in the corner of your eye. I used catrice eye color in the shade: “Go, Charley Brown!”


Later You should use (i suggest black) mascara. Apply it on your upper and lower eyelashes.

I have always thought that your lips are the key to beauty.
Use a nude or pastel pink shade of lipstick (my choice: kiko lip stick pencil) and top it of with a balsam. The balsam will keep your lips hydrated and soft.


And top it all of with a cute, quick looking hairstyle.
On everyday bases I just take a bow, one side of my fringe and clip it!


And you’re done for your school day! This is an amazing look for a busy day where you shouldn’t look like you have spent your whole morning just applying your make-up!


Charity Week: Charity Shops

This theme required our bloggers to go out and buy some things. How did they do? You’ll see tomorrow!

Your task is:

IF you’ve ever been to a charity shop before then show us what you got! BUT if you’ve never been to a charity shop then go to your local charity shop, buy something and show us!

Since this task requires more time, we are giving this theme 3 days! When you’ve purchased your item/s, photograph them and send it our way! WE WILL BE PICKING 2 RANDOM WINNERS WHO WILL RECEIVE LITTLE GIFTS AND 1 WHO WILL RECEIVE A BIG GIFT!

Send your pics to until 28/08 !

Remember that you can also donate stuff you don’t need anymore in Charity shops!

Here is a little post where I went to my local charity store and bought some things! “Oxfam online charity store”



CharityWeek first theme winner is…

Hey, bloggers!

We received many blog posts with the first theme but the winner touched our hearts the most! She was also the first one who entered!
“What Cat Says” is a delightful blog with amazing blog posts.

Congratulations, you have won our first theme!

 Blogger task was to make a post about how they made someone smile!
Thought thank you all for taking part in our first task remember that todays and tomorrows theme is “save water” so tune in to check out the new task for YOU !
 +we will be giving tips on how to save water!

Remember if you’re a blogger and you really want to participate send a link to your blog to my email ,I’ll review it and maybe you will be able to compete!