What I would like to see on the streets.

So i gathered some trends in spring that i currently love and hope to see more often on the streets (did that even sound right?). Starting from colors to specific textures and forms.

– I’ve mentioned it before, but now i obsessed with denim clothing. I honestly think it fits me very well, and with the help of denim, I’ve discovered that light (white and light blue) colors fit me very well and it’s something that I would like to wear more often, because on daily basis I wear a lot of black and navy blue clothes, so who knows what you’ll discover by wearing denim!

2. Cat-eye sunglasses
– Maybe it’s just me, but I’m so tired of people with those teenager (you know, the hipster ones, but sunglasses…) or square sunglasses. These cat-eye glasses and sunglasses fit me quite well. They also make your face a little bit thinner (well, that’s what I think).


3. Brighter lipstick
I am not a big fan of bright colors in outfits, but seeing a person all in black or grey makes me depressed and a little bit confused. I thought and thought, and finally understood that what makes a un-bright outfit look great is a bright, colorful lipstick. No, I’m not talking about a face (if you’re lucky to see the face under that make-up) full of bad make-up that is so thick you practically can’t see if the person is casually walking or is she a clown that just escaped out from the mental hospital. So, girls, straighten your priorities and don’t look like a psycho .



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