A few new pages.

Since not everyone enjoys the latest fashion trends I thought that I could make a few more pages to his blog. The new pages will be about DIY or do it yourself. In these pages will be some DIY gift ideas, “supply store” where you’ll be able to find interesting supplies you can buy n stores, tips, printable DIY stuff and also a place where you can submit your own ideas! This all sounds grate, right? But, I cannot make this happen without you help, so if you want the DIY pages to come to reality, then go to my twitter account (you will find it in the end of this post) and tweet me ideas for any of these pages for example: gift idea for Xmas or tips on how to make beautiful cards. If you don’t have a twitter you can also send me these ideas to my email: betabluma@inbox.lv

Thank you for reading this, I hope these pages will be soon appearing on my blog AND if you look closely, you can see that the DIY gift idea page is already up!!!

My twitter: @EllyBeta or @ElizabethsBlog
Email: betabluma@inbox.lv

and In the related articles you’ll find interesting DIY on other sites and blogs, just remember to come back! :)




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