A bit of my personal life


One of my favorite photos from my collection. (2013, New Years eve)


Another photo, i don’t even know the kid… Taken in Rome (2013)


Me having fun in winter. (2013, winter)


Me with glasses the day after I got them (2013, june)


One of my hobbies is skateboarding, isn’t that similar to fashion ;) (2013, june)


In Rome, an old circus (2013, june)

Hi, my name is Elizabeth. And this is my story.

I was born in Latvia, a small country in Europe. My family never had a lot of money, but we got through a lot of stuff. When i was 5 my parents saw that i might have a talent in arts. Of course you can never tell if a kid has a talent if she’s just five years old. When i was seven i started my way in school and i guess school is where my life changed a lot.

The first year of school was easy, but it made me and my family realize that i really do have a talent – art. That’s where my life started to change and I finally joined art school, but after four years I went to the best art school in Latvia. Those were though years, but they were worth it. This is the point of the story where i stop going through my life with telling about every single year and finally get to the point where this blog comes in.

In 03.2013 i signed up in WordPress with a goal to start a new succesful fashion blog. After four months I gained a few followers and people who support me. But i want to go further. I want to go higher and higher because this is just the beginning of my journey. And only with your help i can get to the top, I finally can stop worrying about the fact that this is my only way to reach something. To be something special.

(2013) Elizabeth Bluma.

Thank you.



FAQ- frequently asked questions

Why don’t you tell us your age?

– To be honest, I think i’m just a bit too young for people to take me seriously, but who knows… Maybe if i would tell my age people would highlight that, not the actual blog.

Do you think blogging as your job?

– I don’t get paid, so no. But i do take it seriously so you can count my answer as a no and a yes.




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