Apps that I use! Must-have apps for bloggers.

What kind of apps do i use?
Here is a list of my favorite apps that i use on daily bases.

1. Evernote helps you get organized, it helps you gather all your
inspirations, ideas and even websites together!
2.DocAs is where I write all my posts, edit them and also write my ideas.
Right now i am using the free version because i don’t see any reason to buy
the full one for a quite big price but maybe you’ll want to purchase the full version.
3.MailChamp is where i send newsletters to all my lovely followers. MailChamp
is actually a website, but the app makes it faster to review information and stats.
4.Twitter is something that every blogger needs! Follow me on twitter!
@ElizabethsBlog is my blog’s twitter but @EllyBeta is my personal one :)
5.Wordpress app is an easy way to check my blog’s notifications and stats quickly and easily.
6.Instagram is a place where I become more personal but you can still check it out to see what I’m up to ! @Elizabeth_Bluma
7.Aviary is a quick way to edit my small pictures that i take with my phone or iPad.
(For more important pictures i use photoshop)

These are the apps i use the most to help my blog. Tell me what kind of apps do you use and your reviews on these apps in the comments below.

Elizabeth Bluma (FashionforLife).



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