Logo contest!!!

A new contest!

I challenge you to draw or make a new icon/logo for
this blog (Fashion for Life)! Or you can draw me and send it as
a logo :).
So here are the rules:
1. It has to be completely original.
2. You can draw or make it on your computer.
3. If you’re using pictures make sure they are your own or
from this blog.
4. You have to include:
-“Fashion for Life” or “FFL”

The best logo/icon will be used as this blog’s logo/icon and the winner
will be a member of our community*.

*about “the community” you can read here:
1. Draw or make a logo/icon
2. Email it to: betabluma@inbox.lv
Send i to:
Elizabeth Bluma
Rīgas raj. Mārupes pagasts,
Rudzurogu iela 1
Latvia, LV-2167
(If something goes wrong and i don’t receive it, I’ll get in touch with you and we’ll figure it out :))
3. Wait :)

The winner will be pronounced at 15/07/13


6 thoughts on “Logo contest!!!

  1. Lisa

    I just send you one… I don’t think i’ll win but who knows… How many people have send you their logos?

  2. Anne

    I loooooove your blog, i’m not that good at drawing… But i think i’ll make something. ;) :d

    1. elizabethbluma Post author

      Well, you can always give it a try, who knows maybe you’ll win!!! You can also become a member of “The Community”, just click on the link to read more about it ;)



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