The best products that YOU NEED to buy for summer

image 1. L’Occitane extra-gentle soapimage 2.Yves Rocher volumazing  hair sprayimage3. Lush toothy tabs “sparkle”

My June favorites.

Here are some of the favorite items i used in June.

1. “L’Occitane extra-gentle soap with lavender”
I don’t usually use soap but this time i trusted one of my favorite brands and bought it. I have to say that i still prefer using shower gels but this soap isn’t that bad and I use it once in a while.

2.”Yves Rocher volume hair spray”
Every time i come out of my shower my hair feels dry but when i spray this amazing volumizing hair spray my hair get untangled and practically weightless. You can get it for only $8.95

3.”Lush toothy tabs- Sparkle”

Since my toothpaste slowly started to end I walked into Lush and the lovely ladies showed me the new toothy tabs. They are absolutely amazing and after 3 days of using them my teeth begin to shine and didn’t hurt at all. I decided to buy Sparkle tabs, they contain pepper so be careful they are a little bit hot. And the best thing is that they are only $4.95,en_US,sc.html



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