The body shop foaming cleanser REVIEW

A review on “the body shop” tea tree
Skin clearing foaming cleanser.

I bought this amazing product about three weeks ago. At first i was skeptical because tea tree products are a bit too hard for my child-like sensitive skin but after a week of using it i understood how amazing it really is.
It looks like a face wash but it really is a foaming cleanser that you put on a wet face and gently massage it and them rinse off.
The thing about tea tree skin care products is that they leave your skin clean looking and fresh, of course the other thing is the amazing smell but not everyone agrees about it with me.
And it’s only $13.00 for 5.0 fl and it’s the top rated item from The body shop in USA.

I give it 5/5 stars.

Elizabeth Bluma (Fashion for Life)



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