Online shops to save money is an online charity shop. The prices are really, really low. I’ve always loved charity shops because by buying something unique and most of the time vintage you also donate money. Besides charity shops have clothing that you won’t see anyone else walking next to you on the street (because we all know that’s awkward!). The best thing about Oxfam is that, for example, I live in Latvia and we don’t have many charity shops but Oxfam have an online shop which lets me purchase charity shop clothing online. I’ve bought so many stuff from Oxfam . Starting from skirt to a table. They have it all!

We all know H&M as an world wide shop but it also has an amazing online store! I don’t shop in H&M that often but because H&M store has an big choice in clothing you can always find something that you’ll like and love.

The prices sometimes do seem a bit too high but some things are really cheap and that’s the reason I put H&M in my list.

Asos is an world wide shop. It’s one of my favorite stores and I’m not just saying that because of this contest. :)

Asos is a online shop where every time I enter I’ll end up buying at least two purchases.

You can find high quality clothing for low prices.

Asos is an edgy, stylish store with an wide selection.

Yes, it sounds like I’m a little butt-kisser but I’ve honestly purchased many items from and I am very happy with everything I’ve bought.

One of THE best things in this online store are all the sales and discounts. I do think that every product have been in a sale.

+ The prices are very low and everyone can buy stylish clothing or home-ware for super low prices!

Nourish Skin Range is an organic skin care brand. The prices are quite fair for the amazing quality. They have the same concept as The Body Shop because they both support organic make-up products but Nourish Skin Range is way more cheaper. I wanted to put this shop to my list because this store is something that not everyone talks about but they sure should!

I honestly think this is amazing store should grow bigger and bigger!

By the way, I knew this store for a quite the time now but I wanted to keep it as a secret, just for me. I guess now you know my little secret! ;)

Shea Alchemy is an online store who sells organic skin care products. Sounds boring, right? But wait! All of her (Sally’s , but who she is you’ll read about in her website) products are made of Shea butter and when I found out about this store, I almost melted (like a Shea butter, get it?) from excitement!

P.S. the prices are ridiculously low!

Here I’ve gathered some of my favorite items from all the stores I mentioned earlier. To see the full image, click on it!

H&M favorite items

Sleeveless chiffon top


Skinny low jeans


image favorite items

M&S earrings


Jaeger skirt (blue)



My favorite fashion vouchers

Tommy Hilfiger

Paul’s Boutique


Favorite Nourish Skin Range items

Relax Softening Cleanser


Golden Glow Illuminating face shimmer



Favorite Shea Alchemy items

Exfoliating body scrub

125 ml £10.00

Moisturizing milk

100ml bottle £6.50


Favorite ASOS items

Vintage 90’s floral maxi dress


Vintage 90’s I heart NY shirt





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