Voice of Style


Recently I received an email from a website called http://www.ology.com/ informing me about a campaign called Voice of Style.

From 8/07 till 05/08 I’m going to be a leader in an amazing campaign called “VoiceOfStyle”.

Here’s the information about how you can enter and get recognition and of course new experience and friends!


I’m really exited, like really and here are the weekly themes that I and 30 other leaders are going to make posts about:
1.My style (July 8th-14th)
2.My inspirations (July 15th-21st)
3.Favorite accesories (July 22-28th)
4.Dream closet (July 29th-August 4th)

The leaders will also receive clothing samples from GlamourKills
And I’m super exited about that!

So the last things I wanted to tell you is that ou can make a free account on ology.com it’s super fun to use, and you can also follow my profile/ology
And look up the hashtag #VoiceOfStyle or #VoS

So yeah, just keep waiting for my posts!

Here are all the links I mentioned:
http://www.ology.com/ (ology.com)
http://www.ology.com/profile/VoicesOfStyle (VoiceOfStyle ology)
http://www.glamourkills.com/shop/ (GlamourKills)
http://www.ology.com/ology/91244/elizabeth-bluma (my ology.com profile)

Go and sign up for ology.com !!!


Elizabeth Bluma.



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