Traveling tips

I travel quite a lot so in my traveling experience I have been in a lot of sticky situations where in the airport my beauty products are way too big and I have to take out many products just because I have over-stocked my suitcase with way too big products. Well, now I will show you some tricks and tips how I travel safely!



traveling bags

 Traveling kits with little travel packages is a great way to save space in your suitcase. I bought a plastic “eco tools” bag with four plastic containers (each 3 oz). The best part about my traveling container kit is that I can easily put more containers in this bag.

The body shop

Travel-sized beauty products

Another amazing thing you can buy are traveling sized products. They usually contain 60 ml. You can buy them almost everywhere. Since I shop a lot of my products at ”The Body Shop” I have  also bought the little traveling products there but they sell these things in drugstores, beauty stores e.t.c.



I am a huge sample collector and take them with me to every trip. Samples are super small and easy to carry! I usually trow one in my bag on a every day basis. You can get samples by requesting them from brand agents, searching them online ( , asking for them at the store or just simply receiving them when you buy something!

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    I love you!

    Elizabeth Bluma.

P.s i just wanted to show you my passport cover because i love it! Show me yours by linking a pic in the comments below!



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