Charity Week: Give a Smile

Finally Charity Week has come and so is the first task for YOU, our readers!

Day 1-2 (22/08-23/08) of #CharityWeek is all about smiles so here is your task:

1. Go to your closest city, buy a sandwich (or whatever you prefer) and give it to a homeless person! A smile will most likely appear on his face!
2. Capture what you think best describes a TRUE smile & send it to my email:

On 23/08 i will be posting 3 best photos and these authors will receive a little gift! (Only in Europe)

In the end of this post and many other blogger posts you’ll find charity websites where you’ll find ways to help our world and donate money! “Charity Water” “Childs Play” “national autism charity”

Give a smile!
Elizabeth Bluma.




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