Charity Week: Save Water

Charity Week: day 3-4 (theme: save water)

Time goes fast and it’s already the third day of #CharityWeek!
Our task for theme “save water” is:
Photograph something that shows you how you save water! Again, we will be picking one winner who will receive a gift! (Only in Europe)
And since this theme is “Save Water” we though it would only be fair if we would show you some tips on how you can easily save water!
+ yesterday in our “Check out these Charities” box we mentioned a charity organization “Charity: Water”, well, now we want to mention it again and give bigger attention to this organization because even thought water seems to be everywhere, it isn’t something that everyone gets, so visit their website and donate money because there are many people dying  because of the lack of water!


Water saving is something we all should do but most of us have one question in mind: HOW?
So I have gathered some interesting tips on how to save water that i use in my life!
 Save rain water! There are many reasons why to save rain water but here are just two of them!
– you can use rain water to wake up in the morning! I still remember how my grandmother took a shower in rain water every morning to properly wake up (you can just wash your face with it!)
– I drink a lot of water but sometimes some of the water is way too much for me so the water that’s left i just trow out in the sink! BUT YOU SHOULDN’T DO THAT! instead the water that is left in my glass i simply but in a bucket and later i use this water to water plants!


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