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Hello, everybody!

School is starting and that only means that we have to get our strength together and start learning! But in the rush and anxiety we can forget that we need to get that “I’m trying to look good but not really” look.
And here it is!


Start with a primer or a concealer . I used an older one because I happen to have changed my skin color by summer and the thing is that I have gotten paler…

Blend it with a brush. If you need, you can use a foundation, I will not use it because I am blessed with a good skin! :)


The next thing I do is, I use an eyeliner. I line the corner below my eyes and a bit the upper area. You can see the difference: the right side eye has an eyeliner and the other side does not. These are the little changes that make you look fresher and focused.

I used essence kajal pencil.


Then you apply a light shade of brown in the corner of your eye. I used catrice eye color in the shade: “Go, Charley Brown!”


Later You should use (i suggest black) mascara. Apply it on your upper and lower eyelashes.

I have always thought that your lips are the key to beauty.
Use a nude or pastel pink shade of lipstick (my choice: kiko lip stick pencil) and top it of with a balsam. The balsam will keep your lips hydrated and soft.


And top it all of with a cute, quick looking hairstyle.
On everyday bases I just take a bow, one side of my fringe and clip it!


And you’re done for your school day! This is an amazing look for a busy day where you shouldn’t look like you have spent your whole morning just applying your make-up!



The body shop foaming cleanser REVIEW

A review on “the body shop” tea tree
Skin clearing foaming cleanser.

I bought this amazing product about three weeks ago. At first i was skeptical because tea tree products are a bit too hard for my child-like sensitive skin but after a week of using it i understood how amazing it really is.
It looks like a face wash but it really is a foaming cleanser that you put on a wet face and gently massage it and them rinse off.
The thing about tea tree skin care products is that they leave your skin clean looking and fresh, of course the other thing is the amazing smell but not everyone agrees about it with me.
And it’s only $13.00 for 5.0 fl and it’s the top rated item from The body shop in USA.

I give it 5/5 stars.

Elizabeth Bluma (Fashion for Life)


The best products that YOU NEED to buy for summer

image 1. L’Occitane extra-gentle soapimage 2.Yves Rocher volumazing  hair sprayimage3. Lush toothy tabs “sparkle”

My June favorites.

Here are some of the favorite items i used in June.

1. “L’Occitane extra-gentle soap with lavender”
I don’t usually use soap but this time i trusted one of my favorite brands and bought it. I have to say that i still prefer using shower gels but this soap isn’t that bad and I use it once in a while.

2.”Yves Rocher volume hair spray”
Every time i come out of my shower my hair feels dry but when i spray this amazing volumizing hair spray my hair get untangled and practically weightless. You can get it for only $8.95

3.”Lush toothy tabs- Sparkle”

Since my toothpaste slowly started to end I walked into Lush and the lovely ladies showed me the new toothy tabs. They are absolutely amazing and after 3 days of using them my teeth begin to shine and didn’t hurt at all. I decided to buy Sparkle tabs, they contain pepper so be careful they are a little bit hot. And the best thing is that they are only $4.95,en_US,sc.html

What to do if you have an alergic reaction?

Recently i got an allergic reaction to one of my face washes. My whole face was red and I barely could eat and that made me write what to do and what not to do when you have an allergic reaction on your face.
1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it now: Don’t touch your face! You’ll just get bacterias and might have scars.
2. Try to use oils (i suggest olive oil or linseed oil). I usually use linseed oil and it’s amazing I suggest you to buy it even if you don’t have an allergic reaction because it’s amazing for everything including acne.
3. Don’t put any make-up! Yes, I know that you won’t be able t go anywhere, but just take few days off other wise your allergic symptoms will be on your face for an long time.
These where the things that helped me get through my allergic reaction after 4 days.
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