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CharityWeek first theme winner is…

Hey, bloggers!

We received many blog posts with the first theme but the winner touched our hearts the most! She was also the first one who entered!
“What Cat Says” is a delightful blog with amazing blog posts.

Congratulations, you have won our first theme!

 Blogger task was to make a post about how they made someone smile!
Thought thank you all for taking part in our first task remember that todays and tomorrows theme is “save water” so tune in to check out the new task for YOU !
 +we will be giving tips on how to save water!

Remember if you’re a blogger and you really want to participate send a link to your blog to my email ,I’ll review it and maybe you will be able to compete!


Charity Week is almost here!

#CharityWeek is just a few hours away and we all are exited! So here’s what’s going to happen!

Tomorrow (22/09) #CharityWeek will start and i will publish a post about the first task for YOU my readers! If you want to win some gifts, better check out this blog tomorrow! Every task will be for two days! But not only you have tasks but of course our selected bloggers have tasks too!
For full information just wait until tomorrow!