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the elegant 70`s

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And there I was. Sitting on my plastic, white chairs, drinking coffee and just enjoying myself.

When I received the task to make an vintage outfit from old clothing peaces that have a story, the first thing that came in my mind was the 70`s. The time my mother was born, the time my grandparents got married.

And here comes the stories.

Let`s start with glasses you can see in most of the pictures. These sunglasses are made of plastic and only plastic, 70`s, right? These sunglasses were my grandmothers signature look. Yes, my grandmother was one of the most stylish women back in 70`s. When you put them on, it feels like if they could talk, we`d experience many, many beautiful events and memories. They make you feel like there`s a hope that maybe just maybe we can see what my grandmother saw.

The camera. I think it has so many memories that it`s impossible to tell all the stories. But there is something that makes this camera so special to me. With this exact camera the first picture of my mother was taken. It may not feel special to other people but to me it means everything!

The bag you see in some pictures is again used by my grandmother and the most nostalgic thing is that she took it with her to her wedding and there are many pictures where you can see that she`s holding this exact purse.

The last thing that you can see the most, actually in every picture is the white coat. And the reason why I decided to use this coat were not the stories but the fact that it was bought from last years fall collection. It only proves that to look vintage you don`t need to have actually old paces.

These were the paces who at first sight look simple actually hold many memories and secrets.

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Elizabeth Bluma.


Charity Store haul


I gathered all my saved money and went to the town to shop in a charity store. Since in September for two weeks I’m going on a road trip to France (don’t worry, I’ll still post!) I thought that I need some vintage style clothing and the best and cheapest place to buy it is Charity Shops!

Here’s what I bought!











I hope you liked the things I bought, or maybe you didn’t? Tell me your opinion in the comments below!

Thanks to my college Laura Collis

Enjoy Summer while it lasts!

Elizabeth Bluma.


Me and other bloggers will host an online charity week! If you’re an blogger and want to help rase money for charity, send me an email asking for more information and I’ll give it to you! You can also contact me by following on twitter: @ElizabethsBlog

Thank you for the support! Lets make the world a better place!

Logo contest!!!

A new contest!

I challenge you to draw or make a new icon/logo for
this blog (Fashion for Life)! Or you can draw me and send it as
a logo :).
So here are the rules:
1. It has to be completely original.
2. You can draw or make it on your computer.
3. If you’re using pictures make sure they are your own or
from this blog.
4. You have to include:
-“Fashion for Life” or “FFL”

The best logo/icon will be used as this blog’s logo/icon and the winner
will be a member of our community*.

*about “the community” you can read here:
1. Draw or make a logo/icon
2. Email it to: betabluma@inbox.lv
Send i to:
Elizabeth Bluma
Rīgas raj. Mārupes pagasts,
Rudzurogu iela 1
Latvia, LV-2167
(If something goes wrong and i don’t receive it, I’ll get in touch with you and we’ll figure it out :))
3. Wait :)

The winner will be pronounced at 15/07/13