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CharityWeek first theme winner is…

Hey, bloggers!

We received many blog posts with the first theme but the winner touched our hearts the most! She was also the first one who entered!
“What Cat Says” is a delightful blog with amazing blog posts.

Congratulations, you have won our first theme!

 Blogger task was to make a post about how they made someone smile!
Thought thank you all for taking part in our first task remember that todays and tomorrows theme is “save water” so tune in to check out the new task for YOU !
 +we will be giving tips on how to save water!

Remember if you’re a blogger and you really want to participate send a link to your blog to my email ,I’ll review it and maybe you will be able to compete!


A bit of my personal life


One of my favorite photos from my collection. (2013, New Years eve)


Another photo, i don’t even know the kid… Taken in Rome (2013)


Me having fun in winter. (2013, winter)


Me with glasses the day after I got them (2013, june)


One of my hobbies is skateboarding, isn’t that similar to fashion ;) (2013, june)


In Rome, an old circus (2013, june)

Hi, my name is Elizabeth. And this is my story.

I was born in Latvia, a small country in Europe. My family never had a lot of money, but we got through a lot of stuff. When i was 5 my parents saw that i might have a talent in arts. Of course you can never tell if a kid has a talent if she’s just five years old. When i was seven i started my way in school and i guess school is where my life changed a lot.

The first year of school was easy, but it made me and my family realize that i really do have a talent – art. That’s where my life started to change and I finally joined art school, but after four years I went to the best art school in Latvia. Those were though years, but they were worth it. This is the point of the story where i stop going through my life with telling about every single year and finally get to the point where this blog comes in.

In 03.2013 i signed up in WordPress with a goal to start a new succesful fashion blog. After four months I gained a few followers and people who support me. But i want to go further. I want to go higher and higher because this is just the beginning of my journey. And only with your help i can get to the top, I finally can stop worrying about the fact that this is my only way to reach something. To be something special.

(2013) Elizabeth Bluma.

Thank you.



FAQ- frequently asked questions

Why don’t you tell us your age?

– To be honest, I think i’m just a bit too young for people to take me seriously, but who knows… Maybe if i would tell my age people would highlight that, not the actual blog.

Do you think blogging as your job?

– I don’t get paid, so no. But i do take it seriously so you can count my answer as a no and a yes.


My favorite June WordPress blogs.

Favorite blogs of June 2013

1. theberrybook.wordpress.com
A delightful fashion blog with a lot and a lot of pictures.
By the way she was one of my first followers i also she was one of the
first blogs i followed.

2.The fashion medley
An interesting blog with many beautiful pictures and amazing stories. If you are in for an amazing journey around the world of fashion, hop in!

Beautiful pictures taken in the most amazing journeys. That’s what this blog is all about. It’s like you take a bit of adventure and a bit of fashion and BAM this blog is created! But really, one of my favorites and what’s really amazing about this blog is that it inspires you to travel and look at the world from a different perspective- the beautiful side.

Elizabeth Bluma.

If you wan me to review your blog, send me an link to my email: betabluma@inbox.lv